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    About Us

    The future is wind, solar and other no-carbon generating solutions supported by a sophisticated network of flexible natural gas electric generating facilities that run only when the no-carbon sources cannot meet the demand. The Salem Harbor site is poised to meet this future like few others.

    First, Footprint is developing a new quick-start combined-cycle gas turbine on the site that will provide efficient, low-emission power to New England while the renewable generating fleet is still relatively small. As that fleet grows, our facility will be used to fill demand when wind resources fall off.

    Second, Salem Harbor is uniquely suited to support off-shore wind, which is the most promising renewable resource for Massachusetts. The winds off of Cape Ann are some of the best in the nation and are quite close to land. Footprint Power is committed to try to serve this resource by dedicating some of the unused portions of the Salem Harbor site (including possibly the existing turbine hall) both for assembly, staging and launching of the floating wind assemblies that are used in deep-water locations like those near our site and for receiving the power from the wind farms and introducing it to the grid at our substation. Off-shore wind is currently in its infancy in the US, but we are in discussions with many of the major players in the sector and are hopeful that we can make this happen in Salem.


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