• Clean Energy & Innovation

    The Salem Chamber of Commerce recognizes the economic development and growth opportunities associated with clean energy sectors such as electrified transportation and associated infrastructure, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and resilience planning.  We also recognize that protecting the environment and reducing the consumption of resources is part of our civic responsibility.

    Offshore Wind

    The Salem Chamber strongly supports the redevelopment of the Port of Salem into an offshore wind port, servicing areas south of Cape Cod as well as the Gulf of Maine.

    The proposed site is 42 acres of waterfront property in a Designated Port Area of Salem Harbor. The site history dates to the 1790s, and several development and land reclamation projects have resulted in the current site configuration. Most recently, the property was the site of a 750-megawatt (MW) coal and oil-fired power plant which encompassed the original 65-acre parcel. 

    The coal plant was demolished beginning in 2014 and a site environmental remediation effort was undertaken. The original 65-acre site has since been divided into two lots. Footprint Power has developed a new natural gas fired power plant on the 23-acre site identified as Lot 1. The remaining 42 acres of the original site, designated Lot 2, will be developed into the Salem Offshore Wind Terminal. Given Salem Harbor’s deep-water port and unrestricted height access to accommodate large-scale wind turbine installation vessels, the Port of Salem is an ideal location for offshore wind, while maintaining the option of further developing Salem’s Cruiseport on the same site.

    For more information on the proposed plan please visit the Salem Offshore Wind terminal webpage.

    Salem Living Green Expo - May 11, 2024

    The Expo takes place every year in Old Town Hall and derby Square in the heart of Salem. brings together green industry professionals, city departments and consumers from Salem & the North Shore regions to discuss products, services, and information. The expo promotes products, services and information that encourage healthier, more sustainable consumption and lifestyles for businesses and families. The fair is free to attend. In 2023 the first 500 attendees received a “Save the Monarchs” seed packet. 


    Transportation has a direct impact on Salem’s economy and workforce. Regional transportation has a direct impact on the housing crisis, climate readiness, and quality of life. Our goal is to reduce congestion and prioritize public transportation ridership. Electrification of the existing commuter rail line is essential. We encourage the use of the Salem Ferry, the newly established Salem Skipper, a ridesharing service, as well as the City’s bikeshare program.

    We strongly support the proposed South Salem train station, as a way to increase rail access to both Salem State University as well as Salem Hospital. For more information on the South Salem Train Station, please click here.


    The Cities of Beverly and Salem, through the collective action of Resilient Together, have embraced both short-term and long-term solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to achieve carbon neutrality by mid-century while ensuring that our communities are resilient to the impacts of climate change. In doing so, Beverly and Salem will remain inclusive and thriving communities, attractive and accessible to diverse families and businesses, for generations to come. The Salem Chamber embraces the proactive, collaborative approach as laid out in the Climate Action and Resilience Plan to limit climate change to 1.5 degrees Celsius by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and to build resilience to its unavoidable impacts.

    Through Resilient Together, we envision a collective and connected future that is powered by clean, renewable energy and led by communities that are prepared for changing climate conditions. When we are resilient together, we promote local economic growth, protect our natural resources, and minimize our waste through reduction, reuse, and recycling. We will reduce our emissions and build community resilience to intense storms, sea level rise, droughts, floods, and heat waves.  
    For more information please visit www.resilient-together.org

    Earlier clean energy initiatives:

    Beverly-Salem Small Business Energy Challenge 

    ​​The Salem Chamber of Commerce is working with the City of Salem’s Sustainability & Resiliency Department, Salem Main Streets, Destination Salem, and National Grid to help Salem's business community access energy efficiency opportunities. The Beverly-Salem Small Business Energy Challenge aligns with Salem's citywide energy reduction goals as outlined in Resilient Together, Salem's climate action plan. National Grid’s small business vendor, Energy Source, is supporting these efforts to facilitate the early generation and adoption of clean energy and promote ongoing energy efficiency. Energy Source will provide no-cost, no-obligation energy efficiency assessments in our community. Their team will provide actionable recommendations for improving energy efficiency, from LED lighting and water conservation measures to building heating system upgrades.

    Similar to Mass Save for Residents, Salem businesses will be provided a no-cost, no-obligation comprehensive energy assessments in order to help them understand how energy affects their facilities, and to learn about the tremendous savings and credits available to them.
    Green UP
    The Salem Chamber joined forces with Next Step Living and the City of Salem to conduct a comprehensive educational initiative focused on reducing residential energy consumption through conservation and the adoption of renewable energy. As part of the program, Next Step Living completed 129 Mass Save Energy Assessments & 23 weatherization projects. Next Step Living also completed 103 Ductless Mini Split Assessments and installed 30 Ductless Mini Split systems. The aggregate savings for homeowners in the first year was $22,086 and the CO2 savings was 79.79 metric tons of greenhouse gases.  

    “Solarize Now”
     Solarize Salem goal was to seek an increase in the adoption of small and large scale solar electricity  through a competitive tiered pricing structure that increases the savings for everyone as more home and business owners sign contracts. Through Solarize Salem, residents and businesses had the unique opportunity to realize significant savings.  Solarize Salem, in teamwork with Swampscott, helped increase the adoption of small-scale solar electricity through a competitive tiered pricing structure that increases the savings for everyone as more home and business owners sign contracts.

    Living Green & Renewable Energy Fair
    For six years in a row (2008 – 2014), the Salem Chamber of Commerce and the Salem Renewable Energy Task Force invited businesses and organizations that promote green and renewable products to participate in the Annual Living Green & Renewable Energy Fair. Goal of the Fair was to promote products, services and information that encourage healthier, more sustainable consumption and lifestyles for businesses and families.  
    Fair Highlights over the years:
    •    40+ Vendor Booths & Exhibits
    •    Salem Beautification Committee’s Annual Plant Sale Fundraiser
    •    Documentary screenings such as the documentary “Deep Green” at Cinema Salem
    •    E-Waste Recycling Events

    The Green Salem Business Challenge
    The Green Business Challenge was organized by the City of Salem, the Salem Chamber of Commerce, Salem Recycles, Salem’s Renewable Energy Task Force as well as the North Shore Transportation Management Association. The Challenge was a friendly competition and recognition program for businesses of all types and sizes to pursue green and sustainability driven strategies, improve their business performance and enhance their bottom line.
    The challenge helped identify ways to make businesses greener and increase their bottom line.  Participating businesses took a sustainability pledge, complete an online survey checklist of sustainability measures that they have implemented, had to describe why they consider themselves to be a green business, and explain what they will do in the coming year to further improve green practices. The checklist consisted of measures in: Education & Awareness; Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy; Water Conservation; Resource Management; Transportation; Green Cleaning & Maintenance; and Product/ Service Offerings.
    All participants were recognized in a press release, and winners received a Green Business Certificate and window decal awarded by Mayor Driscoll and the organizers at the awards ceremony.