• Apprenticeship/Internships at Salem and Marblehead Cycle

    Posted: 02/03/2021

    We are looking for an apprentice for each of our stores that we can train in the art of bicycle mechanics. You would be come proficient in fixing flats, setting up tubeless tires, bleeding disc brakes, adjusting gears and mechanical brakes. You would learn how to true wheels and maybe replace spokes. You may also learn how to tune skis and sharpen ice skates.
    You will also learn to listen and take instruction and criticism. You will answer phones and take messages, you will get exercise test riding bikes and running bikes and goods up and down stairs. You will talk to customers.
    or this you will not be paid, however, we may hire you for a paid position after you have learned what we teach. You will get discounts on cycling gear, you will get to work in a fine environment with fun people and you will get a valuable skill that you can take with you wherever you go.