• Naturopathy

    Posted: 07/03/2022

    A Sacred Place Wellness Center (ASPWC) is currently looking for a Doctor of Naturopathy in either a part-time, or full-time capacity. Serving the public since 2009, ASPWC is located in the bustling center of Historic Salem, MA. We are a forward thinking Wellness Center that incorporates a wide variety of modalities to promote healing, growth and relaxation. We have welcomed an extensive range of practitioners providing any number of Therapeutic Massage techniques (sports, injury, pregnancy, and cancer, to name just a few!), as well as Acupuncture, Reiki, Life readings, classes for Meditation, Qigong/Energy-work with Sound Healing, Stretch Qigong/Introduction to Tai Chi, and visiting healers. Many have said that as soon as you step into our space you will feel tension and stress begin to melt away. Applicants must: ? hold a current license for Naturopathy in Massachusetts ? have proof of your own insurance ? be good at effective communication ? be good at problem solving ? be good at educating and instructing ? be willing and able to work with the team of independent contractors We are looking for Naturopathic Doctors seeking both part time and full time options who can create treatment plans for complex health conditions with nutritional solutions that may include the use of IV vitamin C infusions, herbs, mushrooms, and any other product from sustainable, non-threatened sources of nature as the basis to promote innate healing. Being open-minded, and interested in other areas of healing are welcomed such as far infrared rays, sprouting, and sauna or cold therapies. ASPWC looks forward to sharing about a very unique business opportunity, allowing you to build your own business as an independent contractor within our Wellness Center. We look forward to hearing from you, and gladly welcome you to our oasis! Please send a professional resume and letter of interest to asacredplacewellnesscenter@gmail.com.

    A Sacred Place Wellness Center
    Daryl Bennett